About Natasha

I Love Babes.

 I admire woman. 

I appreciate their partners.

This was not always the case, when I trained as a midwife I was good, I enjoyed, but it was not where I wanted to be. I was taught how to deal with birth gone wrong, how to control both mum and babe on their journeys how to make a “difference”. I was NOT taught how to embrace the norm, how to trust birth in it s infinite wisdom and how to hold a new mum, dad and babe gently in my hands offering, the love and safety they need to complete this amazing journey together, how to be a difference.

My journeys were long, they were hard, but with the wonderful support of my colleagues at the time, their wisdom, their patience, the births of my three boys were not only possible , they were a wonderful experience.

I learnt that when you as a mum to be come first and are treated with respect, enabling you to completely understand all that is happening with you and allowing you and your partner to be a valued part of the decision making process, you do not only cope with birth , you grow through it.

Birthing and working as a midwife in Switzerland showed me how one should be cared for in the medical system. When I returned to South Africa 11 years later, hoping to work in a hospital, I realised that I would never again be happy working in a hospital in this country.

This is where an Angel named Irene led me to another Angel named Joy, who led me on a path which would change my life forever and open my eyes to a world of birth, light, and, both little and big miracles.


It is here that every one of you who crossed my path and honoured me by taking me with you on your journey. Taught and continue to teach me more and more about birth as it unfolds differently in each of your lives. 

You teach me about myself and my role throughout, and it is here with you that I am privileged to be part of birth in its infinite wisdom. It is here that I wish to wander for the rest of my days and to you who make this possible, I am truly thankful!

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