Midwifery Students

Practical experience in South Africa

I offer student-midwives from abroad the possibility to gain practical experience and insight during a stay in South Africa. 

During their internship, the students join me whilst I see my clients during their pregnancy and after, they attend the births with me and where permitted can assist with the birth or suturing if necessary. The students , where possible join other midwives and attend any conferences or meetings relevant to their training.

In order to arrange the above I charge a fee for organisation with the different departments. I also offer accommodation at a reasonable fee.

The student is requested to arrange her own indemnity insurance where possible and is encouraged to hire a car for the duration of her stay.

I regularly receive students from all over the Globe, the mutual experience is very positive and the exposure to different aspects of our wonderful profession is varied and valuable.


Testimonials from Students

It was an inspiring month working and learning with Natasha. Her knowledge, warmth and intention was very imposing and gave me a lot of energy to finish my studies.

Natasha has a huge heart, she works with all her beliefs and power for a better system where women can birth independently. I could attend some beautiful natural birth with her, when the women and babies got the time they needed.

Most impressing to me was Natasha’s beautiful, motivating way she worked with the women and her understanding of birth as a strong, natural experience and most of all that women can do it!

Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom with me!


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