Services by The Cape Midwife

  • Individual, tailormade consultations, guidance and care during your pregnancy
  • Connecting you with other specialists and care givers in this field (back up Doctors, Homeopath, Cranio sacral therapist, massage therapist ect)
  • Medically qualified and SANC recognised Midwife, supporting you with the birth of your babe at home, At Cape Midwife birth unit.
  • Fully equipped Birthing room
  • 24/7 on call assistance
  • Care for the new family at home. Regular checks on Mother’s and Babies wellbeing and assists with breastfeeding and the transition into parenthood. 
  • Access to a well established network of other professionals
  • Baby release and reboot experience (see below)
  • For those families not birthing with The Cape Midwife, wishing to have a hospital birth or C- section with an Ob/Gyn, the Consultations, On Call Service and Baby release and reboot experience, are available. Please read a little more about these below

Other services by The Cape Midwife

Individual Tailor-made Consultations

Congratulations !! A baby on the way, so very exciting and yet daunting. There is so much information out there, so many share their very different experiences and suggestions with you and before you know it you have spent a fortune and are completely lost.

This brand new world of “expectancy” can be rather overwhelming, changing what should be a joyous time in a young couples life, to a fear filled and stressful time. I understand that not everyone wishes to have a home birth, or a midwife led birth. I know that the majority of  Doctors only have 15 minutes per client. The internet though resourceful can be very confusing, so how best to find your way to a joyful and stress free pregnancy? 

Over the years I have offered to assist and advise families regarding their pregnancy, the requirements and the possibilities. I share my experience of over 30 years in this field, my contacts acquired over the last 19 years in the Cape and the wisdom gained pertaining to natural and alternative care. 

Scheduling a consultation with me, when you find out that you are pregnant, another in the middle of your pregnancy and another closer to your due date, will help you feel safe and more relaxed during this time and it will prepare you for the arrival of your babe, be it a natural birth OR C section.

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Optional On Call Arrangement

We know that when in need of assistance or advice at 02h00 in the morning or over the weekend , it can be very difficult to obtain professional advice from specialists. The emergency room in the hospital is often busy, the labour ward might only have an agency Sister on call and all in all one can spend hours waiting in a hospital for nothing, or can not go for care in cases where it would be advised. Sometimes pregnant mothers to be just need confirmation that all is well , or advise as to how to deal with various complaints. This is why Cape Midwife has decided to offer an on call only service, where you can call me or one of my colleagues to assist you. Please see our 2022 Fee brochure for our on call option. We look forward to being there for you during this very special time.

Baby Bucket Bath

I love this time where babe has his or her first vertical emergence in water. They are able to  relax and  release after their birth journey. Some babies, after being separated from their mothers in hospital, have difficulty latching and have latched without a problem a week after birth ,once they had completed their journey in the tummy tub. Others sleep better or their bodies are more relaxed. As a birth worker you pick up tension and can refer for further Cranio sacral therapy, Osteopathy, Chiro or medical care.

Over the years the babes continue to teach me so much during this time and I am so grateful

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