What is a midwife?

A Midwife, , is a qualified medical professional, trained to care for pregnant women during their pregnancy, and to assist these women during childbirth.

A Midwife has been trained to help women give birth without the assistance of a doctor or other medical personnel and to attend to the new mother, her infant, and her family after the birth.

A  Midwife has been trained to detect and respond to any abnormalities or unforeseen difficulties before, during and after the birth, attentive and knowledgeable of what to do if the mother needs extra care, as well as how to care for the newborn immediately after the birth.

A  Midwife works closely with one or more doctors, and will refer the mother to the doctor’s expertise if anything out of the ordinary arises with mum or babe, as well as calling upon the doctor’s assistance should surgical intervention become necessary. The midwife also maintains a good relationship with one or more hospitals, and can call on them for any necessary support.

A  Midwife helps the expectant mother deliver her baby at home, and always gives priority to the mother-to-be and her family to ensure their safety and well being.

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