Amy Mongie


Hi, I’m Amy. As a craniosacral therapist and Doula I nurture families through their birth journey.

I offer antenatal workshops and love sharing that beautiful, positive births are possible and doable. 

I guide my clients to trust the process, trust their power and to stay present and loving however their birth unfolds.

Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy allows a mother to access her inner resources for health, release restrictions and create balance in the body thus helping to co-create an optimal birthing experience for her and her babe.

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Bronwyn Holmes


“My first birth was a caesarean. The second and third, I gratefully achieved successful VBAC’s. This lead me to becoming a doula, to empower women to achieve their childbirth desires and hopefully create a few more positive birth stories out there. My many experiences remind me how unique and individual each birth is. The family is central to any plan and allowing women choices because they know their options is what I try to achieve for their birth plan. Even after witnessing so many births, each is still a miracle and brings tears to my eyes.”

ICEA Childbirth Educator and certified Hypnobirthing practitioner. I teach my, “Building Birth Confidence” Course.

WOMBS Doula with advanced update. I have supported many couples on their journey to parenthood.

Enita Pedro


Hi! I’m Enita, proud mom of three and WOMBS qualified birth doula. The birth of my youngest child, was a beautiful, restorative birth experience that showed me all that birth can be. This kindled a desire to help other moms to have the most positive and memorable birth experience possible.

I believe your partner is the most important part of having a successful birth, with evidenced based information second, other than choosing the right care provider. My heart is not only supporting the mom, but the dad as well, helping him to be there for her in the best possible way.

I would be honored to be part of your pregnancy and birth journey, by providing support and care as needed, committed to helping your birth be all that it can be.

Enita Pedro 0828468567

Thumeka Ntoni


When I was pregnant for the first time , Natasha helped me deliver my baby at home. I was stressed because I did not know what to do , what to eat, how to look after my baby so I appreciated Natasha’s help . 

After many years of hearing  stories, baby sounds from the birth room and helping Natasha, I said I wanted to become a Doula. 

I qualified through WOMBS and am excited to offer other mothers the support I had so that they feel safe and happy during this very special time.

“Xa Ufuma I Doula uba khona umehluko empilweni yako. “

Contact me on; 081 721 4246

Anette van Niekerk

Anette postnatal doula

Post Partum Doula

Once mum and babe are home, it can be quite challenging . As a mother and grandmother I fully understand how huge this change is, which is why my heart has led me to become a Post Partum Doula. I am trained to look after babies from birth to a year old as well as seeing to the new mother’s welfare. This includes help with breastfeeding, bathing baby and cord care, advice on mother’s recovery, nutrition , hormonal fluctuations, possible depression and any other queries that might arise. In a nutshell I am there to support the new parents and their family in any way that I can.    


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