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As your time for delivery approaches, many things are on your mind. Baby clothes, bassinets and buggies are in your head or already waiting in the nursery. Please don’t forget that this is also the time to pay special attention to yourself and to the needs of your changing body.

A few things top the list during your Antenatal period:

  • Exercise and fresh air. (Avoid heavy lifting)
  • Vitamin supplements and Probiotics, to cater for your body’s growing requirements

  • Eat plenty omega rich food, e.g. seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raw nuts (such as pecans and macadamia), nut oils (such as walnut, cashew and almond oil), oily fish, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil and olives, hempseed oil and chia seeds. Oils must be cold pressed.
  • Use unheated organic nut oils, butter (made from raw, grass-fed organic milk), olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil instead.
  • Folate, Support babies development. 

  • Healthy diet and life style (no alcohol, no smoking) no medication should betaken during pregnancy unless agreed upon by your obstetrician.

  • Massage oil to rub the feet and back, which do get tired—especially later on in the pregnancy and for massaging the perinuem.

  • Essential oils like lavender, Rose geranium, fennel, Juniper berry, Bergamot are relaxing and nice!

  • Loose-fitting clothing for your growing tummy

  • Cotton underwear, as the risk of fungal infection increases during pregnanc

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Relax, enjoy your pregnancy and your growing baby; all will fall into place and you too will be a wonderful mum and dad!

Don’t forget to spoil yourselves and each other!

Things to consider for your home birth:


  • Once you have decided on a home birth, try to imagine where you would like to have your baby and what it is that you expect. Speak with your midwife to be sure you are both fully aware of each other’s needs and requirements (it is too late to re-organise once the contractions set in). Write a birth plan with your partner and discuss this with your midwife. Ask questions!
  • If at any time your midwife should become concerned for the health and safety of you or your unborn baby, she will refer you to the hospital and/or the doctor, agreed upon. If the supporting doctor is unavailable, the midwife will call upon another doctor to assist.
  • The newborn baby’s requirements are minimal at this stage: cotton wool (make-up removing pads are softest and easiest to use), nappies for newborns, Woundand graze powder for the umbilical cord, baby blanket pref. cotton, and baby clothes also pref. cotton.

Mum's Goodies

These are the items you need for the birth day.

  • Maternity pads – extra absorbent x 24
  • Stretch panties, disposable  x 2
  • Linen savers – 1 pack
  • Feeding Bra
  • Breast pads – cotton
  •  Cold pack x 2
  • Weeping wound and graze powder (wecsin)
  • Nipple cream or coconut oil
  • Warm blanket
  • Face Cloths x 2
  • Towels x 2
  •  Juice (not citrus) and lots of cold water
  •  Snacks i.e.: yoghurt, dates, frozen fruit, biltong, super C’s and food for you and your partner for after the birth.

Nice to have’s:  Lip-ice, aromatherapy oils, homeopathic treatments to assist labour and influence the pliability of the perineum, music for during labour.

Clothing: t-shirt for labour or swim top, warm socks, warm gown or tracksuit, pajamas or other loose clothing for after the birth(top’s that open at the front work best when doing skin to skin and breastfeeding),  slippers, toiletries and something to tie your hair up with.

Dad’s Ding: Comfy clothes, swimming trunks, toiletries, snacks, drinks & food, camera, cell phone and charger. You will also be the DJ, so check the music. Please bring loads of patience and TLC!


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